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What does your warranty cover?

We cover any HARDWARE issues that may occur within the first year of purchase. This is along the lines of failing power supplies, batteries, hard drives, speakers, touch pads, LCD issues (that aren’t accidental

Do you cover accidental damage?

Fall damages and spills are unfortunately not covered under our warranty.Always remember that liquids are the enemy of electronic components! You can’t do anything with the item after a spill and neither can we

How long does your warranty process take?

Typically we estimate a 1-2 week turnover for a warranty repair. The actual warranty procedure is relatively quick! Once we receive the package we can get it fixed up within 3 business days - usually sooner!It’

How long are your warranties good for?

From the purchase date; we provide a 1 year warranty for FREE on all of our desktops and laptops! We also offer a 3 year warranty for just $40 more! That's cheaper than a dinner for 2 that you only experience

Is your warranty free?

Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle? Yes... we provide an absolutely FREE 1 year hardware warranty on all of our desktops and laptops!

Do you have warranties for other products?

Unfortunately we only offer warranties for our desktop and laptop computers. However, If something we send is not working we will always try to get you a replacement as the first option. If that option is not a

What do I have to do to get a Warranty Repair for my computer?

This is relatively simple; if you are experiencing issues with your computer please send us an email at CS@reviveIT.ioPlease include: Your order number E-mail address to send return label too Verify the mai

What needs to be done before sending the computer back?

Information! Make sure the issues you are experiencing are reported to one of our team members via email or phone call as detailed as possible. This way our Techs can help resolve the issue as quickly as possib